Your "55th" reunion event will be organized by several classmates who volunteer their time and other resources to put on this special event.  Feel free to contact any of the following committee members if you have any questions or suggestions about the reunion or future reunions. 

You are invited to volunteer your time and/or resources at any time.  There is a lot of work to do both preparing for and at the reunion events.  You are welcome to attend any of the scheduled committee meetings. 

Please contact Lowell Halverson  to let him know that you plan to attend.  The next meeting date will be posted on the Calendar page of this website.

Reunion Commiittee Members:

Leslie Boyd Baker
Barbara Engman Daly
Marsha A. Greek McGhie
Lowell Halverson
Hugh Hedges
Karen Johnson Hedges
Elizabeth Ann Jones Olson
James H. March
Trent Marvin
Judy A. Osborne Longstreth
Liz Mercer Peterson
Mary Ellen Swanson Sandquist
Barbara F. Tuffley Malone

60th Reunion Committee Met in November for First Time
      The committee sat down for lunch at the Pine Cone Cafe in University Place and discussed the surveys filled out at the 55th Reunion concerning what kind of event the classmates wanted for the 60th Reunion.  In the survey the class said that they were interested in an event much like the one held in August 2015 for our 55th Reunion.  They liked the daytime, summer  reunion but would like to have another event for the 60th as well.  Many suggested that they would also like to have more less formal events during the years betweeen the 55th and 60th.  Therefore, the committee is going to plan a few informal get-togethers during the next couple of years and then, of course, the big 60th Reunion Events.  Watch the website for more information.   

Members of the 60 Reunion Committee are as follows:  Leslie Baker, Lowell Halverson, Hugh Hedges, Karen Hedges, Ann Olson, Judy Longstreth, Trent Marvin, Liz Peterson, Maryellen Sandquist, Shirlee Schatz, Lynette Hanson, Marsha McGhie, Janice Stegeman, Diane Schultz, Robert Beecroft, and Jim Riddick.  Any comments or questions send to Judy Longstreth,