1. If we have to cancel, do we get our money back?
Yes, up to two weeks before the event your payment will be returned.
2. What will the committee do with any excess funds?
The money will go toward a memorial and scholarship fund plus future reunions.
3. How can I donate money beyond the registration fee to assist with reunion costs?
Include any donations in your registration check.  A receipt for the donation will be returned to you by the committee.
4. If I want to offer my help to the committee, who do I contact?
Judy Longstreth at judylongstreth@comcast.net will pass along the information to the committee and see that you are contacted.
5. How many teachers came to the 50th Reunion?
Three teachers and one administrator joined us for the dinner and dance. (Jerry Storvick, Warren DePrenger, Bob Pederson, and Carl Fynboe who was the school's Vice Principal)  For the brunch, Jack Price also came.  It was wonderful to see how well they are all  doing.
6. How many people attended the 50th Reunion?

Dinner and Dancing Event:  About 200

Clover Park High School Tour:  About 30

Brunch on Sunday:  About 80