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September 21, 2016 Reunion Lunch

The lunch event held on Wednesday, September 21st was our first annual "renuion".  It was a success for the 34 people who attended in spite of the unexpected excitement caused by construction problems at the Tacoma Yacht Club. The morning of the lunch, the water and power were knocked-out and wouldn't be restored until late in the day. The day was saved, however, thanks to the quick thinking of Leslie Boyd Baker.  Leslie was able to arrange through her mom to have the activity room reserved for us at the Metropolitan apartments in downtown Tacoma where she lives.  Leslie was also able to arrange for a quick delivery of a delicious lunch all in time for the event. The alternate site was perfect for our event, and a good time was had by all. A survey was taken, which asked whether or not another lunch should be held next year.  The majority of responses indicated a desire to do it again either next year or not later than two years. The Tacoma Yacht Club was indicated as the preferred site.

55th Reunion

Photos of classmates at the 55th Reunion Sunday picnic event at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club.

50th Reunion Dinner

These are photos taken at the Saturday evening dinner by Barb Engmen Daly, who agreed to be our official reunion event photographer.  Thank you, Barb.


50th Reunion Dinner & Brunch

Here are more photos taken by Barb Engman Daly at both the Saturday evening dinner and the Sunday brunch events held at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club.
These are recent photos taken by Trent Marvin of the Class of 1960 VA Bench - Great photos Trent!

Class of 1960 VA Bench

This album contains photos of the bench that was donated to the VA golf course to commemorate veterans for their service to our country.  This donation was made possible through the persistent and devoted efforts of Grant Cayton.  Well done, Grant.

45th Reunion Dinner Photos

Here is a collection of 50 photos from the 45th reunion dinner at Oakbrook.

Good Times at Past Reunions

Find pictures from the past that will bring back those great days at Clover Park High.
Every January since 1960 (left to right) Janice Smith Stegeman, Diane Peterson Schultz, Betty Jean Benum Marvin, and Jud

Friends Together

Please add photos, past or present, of your fellow classmates.